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Temporary work agency

Temporary employment agency S&A Sp. z o. o. operates in Poland on the basis of
registration in the register of employment agencies. We offer comprehensive services in the field of HR and personnel outsourcing. During the 5 years of operation our agency has gained the gained the trust of many companies from different industries and sectors, as a result of which we already employ about 2,000 employees throughout Poland.

Our main customers are companies from the automotive, warehouse, logistics and food industry, but this does not mean that we close ourselves off to the aforementioned industries, because the recipient of our services can be any company that cares about a reliable and professional HR maintenance.

What makes us different?

  • Individual approach and adaptation to customer needs
  • The use of modern technologies in recruiting employees
  • Access to a broad human resources platform
  • Full service of employees with on-site housing
  • Provision of agency coordinators on the client’s premises
  • Access to personnel files
  • Introduction of employees into the structures of the client company
  • Constant email service and 24/7 telephone contact

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Outsourcing of personnel

Our agency takes over all the employer/s employment law obligations. Employee leasing (also called temporary employment) is a very economical solution for employers because it allows for a convenient form of employment. It is an ideal solution for companies struggling with high seasonality, staff turnover, vacation replacements or sick leave.

The form of employment is strictly time-limited – the service provided by a worker referred by the staffing agency to the employer – user cannot exceed 18 months.

Staff outsourcing benefits:

  • The ability to temporarily employ an employee for a strictly defined period of time
  • Ensuring continuity of work at the plant site by providing the agency with the right number of people
  • Flexible form of employment – depending on the need of the employer-user, the providing the number of workers in a given period or day
  • Exemption of the hiring employer from all formalities related to the employment relationship
  • The possibility of the worker being taken over by the user’s employer after 18 months of cooperation with the temporary employment agency.

Personal outsourcing

Our team of professionals supports companies in the day-to-day execution of tasks by
recruiting suitable employees and assuming responsibility and control over
tasks performed at the workplace of the user's employer.
We offer outsourcing solutions in the areas of:
– Support of production processes
– Support of logistics and warehouse processes
– Support of accounting, HR and payroll, sales and inventory processes

Advantages of cooperation in the area of personnel outsourcing:

  • No employment relationship between the employee and the employer-user
  • Full responsibility of S&A Sp. z o. o. for employees at the workplace of the
    employer of the user
  • Takeover of full administrative, HR and payroll administration
  • Access to specialists and expert knowledge
  • Timeliness of completed tasks

Personalised advice

Our agency provides human resources consulting services, i.e. it deals with the
recruitment and retention of an employee with the user’s employer, making it possible is to create staff that is a guarantee of the company’s success.

During the recruitment process, we use a database of candidates to check their
competencies for a given position. One of the most important tasks for us is to create a team consisting of solid employees. Therefore, in working with the client on motivating and rewarding employees.

Benefits of personal advising:

  • Saves time and money because of the recruitment process
  • Free access to candidate database
  • Recruitment guarantee
  • Favorable success fee settlement

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