Employee Leasing

Our agency will take over all employer obligations arising from labor law. Employee leasing (also known as temporary work) is a very beneficial solution for employers as it allows for a convenient form of employment.

It is an ideal solution for companies dealing with high seasonality, employee turnover, temporary replacements for vacations or sick leaves. The employment arrangement is strictly defined in terms of time – the provision of services by an employee directed by the agency to the user employer cannot exceed 18 months.

During the recruitment process, we use a database of candidates to check their competencies for a given position. One of the most important tasks for us is to create a team consisting of solid employees. Therefore, in working with the client on motivating and rewarding employees.

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Benefits of Employee Leasing

  • The ability to hire temporary employees for a specific and defined period of time.
  • Flexible employment arrangement – the agency can provide the required number of workers based on the user employer’s needs, either for a specific period or on specific days.
  • Possibility of hiring the employee permanently by the user employer after 18 months of cooperation with the agency.
  • Ensuring continuity of work within the user employer’s premises by providing an adequate number of personnel through the agency.
  • Relieving the user employer from all formalities related to employment relationships.

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